Monday, November 26, 2007

India Starts to Shine

China has received much attention for its emergence as a leading player in the solar industry, but its important to start paying attention to India, and specifically, the high-tech cluster of Hyderabad. The world's most famous venture capital fund, Kleiner Perkins, is targeting India for its next green tech opportunities (including solar). And 50% of the commercial space available in the new "Fab City" in Hyderabad has been taken up by solar companies (at the expense of semiconductor companies, the article explains).

Indeed, the authors of Clean Tech Revolution, a book I've highlighted previously, list Hyderabad as one of the ten emerging clean tech hubs of the world, noting that it is home to the likes of solar-power lantern maker, NEST, and seller of solar hot-water systems known as solar geysers, Photon Energy Systems.

Finally, it should be mentioned that India is also a destination for several notable rural electrification projects, as this one by the German energy company, Conergy, the Solar Electrific Light Fund (SELF), and the UNEP India Solar Loan Programme, demonstrating the usel of microfinance to achieve sustainable development.
Nov 30, 2007 follow up:
A German company thinks India has the chance to become one of the top four generators of solar energy after Germany, Japan and China.

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