Thursday, May 22, 2008

SunPower and IBM Claim Higher Efficiencies; DuPont Enters Thin Film Market

SunPower Reaches 23.4% Cell Efficiency
SunPower Corporation announced that it has produced a full-scale, five-inch prototype solar cell with an efficiency of 23.4%. This is a world-record for a large area solar cell according to the company.

IBM Also Claims Major Boost in Solar Cell Efficiency...
IBM has managed to squeeze 230W of power on to a centimeter square of solar panel using concentrator photovoltaics. The energy was then converted to 70W of usable electric power, the best power efficiency yet achieved, the company claims.

...and Replants Chip-Cooling Tech in Solar Farms
IBM has developed technology that will let solar cells withstand the heat of more than a 1,000 suns...representatives from IBM Research's photovoltaics research will present a method for cooling concentrating photovoltaics, a solar design where light is magnified onto high-performance solar cells.

DuPoint to Enter Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Market
DuPont (NYSE: DD) announced that it will soon begin construction on a research center in Hong Kong and a manufacturing facility in Shenzhen to support the rapidly growing photovoltaic (PV) solar energy industry

India May Set Up Solar Energy Commission
The Centre proposes to set up a Solar Energy Commission, with equal participation from the private sector. It is to tap the solar energy potential for meeting the future energy needs of the country.The initial investment for the project will be around $ 10 billion.

Barriers to Solar Energy's Blockbuster Promise

Green Tech Blog reflects on what is holding back the solar explosion in California.

Fun Solar Tech of the Month: Solar Lilypads!

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