Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Last one there is a rotten egg!!

Everybody's doing it!!

In what's becoming a trend of retailers, Macy's announced today that 26 of its stores in California will be going solar, with the help of PowerLight, subsidiary of Sunpower Corp (Nasdaq: SPWR). According to the press release:

For 15 of the 26 stores, Macy’s will purchase solar-generated electricity under
the SunPower Access™ program, a solar services agreement that allows the
retailer to purchase just the electricity generated at its stores – not the
solar power systems themselves — from a third-party financier. At the end of a
10-year term, Macy’s will have the option to renew the agreement, transfer the
equipment to a new site, or buy the system. Macy’s will buy solar power systems
for the remaining 11 stores through an outright system purchase.

According to greenblog Environmental Leader, other retailers going yellow recently include Kohls, Target, BJ's Wholsale Club, Costco, Staples, Tesco and of course, Walmart.

Automaker Nissan also announced today that it will install 606 solar panels (480 PV, 126 solar thermal) in its Barcelona plant. This is part of Nissan's plant to reduce its carbon dioxide emisssions by 7% of 2005 levels.

But if a clearer message about solar being the right thing to do needed to be sent, then the Vatican's move to go solar will be heard loud and clear.

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